We  have the incredible privilege of working with the most wonderful volunteer staff!  Our volunteers are very committed to the work that God is doing in this county to minister to women and families to bring hope and healing through the love of Jesus Christ.  Rest assured that if you volunteer at the BCPRC, you will be among people who will love you, pray with you, and help train you in the ministries of the BCPRC.  If you have been called to serve in this place, contact us today at 770-775-5116 or email us at cherylprc@att.net.


Some areas which you can help are:

Client Services:

Client Advocate – the volunteer meets with individuals to administer a pregnancy test, peer counsel, and pray.  This position is very important and requires a great deal of commitment.  Client Advocates will participate in training before they assume the role.  This position requires a 2 to 3 hour commitment on the same day and time each week.

Class Teacher – the volunteer meets with the client once a week for one-on-one classes on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and bible.  This position also requires a 2 to 3 hour commitment on the same day and time each week.

Mommy Store Organizer –  the volunteer maintains our client “Mommy” once a week.

Fund Raising:

We need volunteers to help with our fundraisers, which would involve a few hours a week leading up to the event and a few hours after.


We need a volunteer to coordinate a weekly prayer time at the BCPRC with different pastors in the county.


We need volunteers to come one weekend per month and clean the interior of the Center (vacuum, dust, sweep, clean bathrooms, empty garbage, etc.)


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